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About Libertatem Group

Libertatem Group is the parent organization of “Libertatem Magazine Publishers” which also completely owns and controls other publication houses such as “The Law Brigade Publishers” & “Creative Connect International Publishers”. These two publication houses together operate and publish 16 Legal Journals on specific subjects as well as contemporary issues. Apart from the above mentioned 3 publishing businesses, Libertatem Group also operates in Car Rental Services under the brand name of “Ghoomte Phirte” as well as Digital Marketing Services. Founded by two law students, Ankita Ranawat & Rahul Ranjan, in February 2015 with just one publication under its banner, Libertatem Group now expands to Magazines, Journals, Marketing Services and Car Rentals et al.

About Libertatem Magazine

“We’re here to ensure that you miss nothing that matters – from stories that make headlines across the world to those that affect your professional life.”

At Libertatem Magazine, we respect everyone’s right to speak. In today’s world, we think that if you do not know your rights, you are prone to exploitation. Hence, we strive towards creating an awareness among the people not just their rights, but duties as well. We also aspire to keep people informed of the latest happenings in the Courtroom which they would otherwise be unaware of.

Libertatem Magazine serves as a legal awareness resource for all, ranging from Students to Academicians to Practicing Advocates to a Common Man.

Libertatem Magazine helps in the formulation of opinions and prepares an individual for a journey through our in-depth scrutinized content on a wide range of topics including political, legal and social, besides the matters of national & international significance.

We do not believe in selling what we think is “right” or what we think is “wrong” because we believe that we are no one to decide what is right or wrong for you. With this spirit, we try to facilitate creating legal awareness through various sections of our magazine so that “People” can themselves make an informed decision. We, at Libertatem, leave it to the people, nationally and globally, to interpret the information themselves. Hence, our USP is “let the people decide”

We are one of India’s rapidly growing English Monthly, with the magazine circulation of over 47 thousand across the nation and an online readership of over 1 million monthly.

Our team covers a wide range of sections including politics, education, business, technology & national and international affairs, besides others and publishes them under the various heads of “Articles”, “the Courtroom”, “Igniting Minds”, “Editorials”, etc.

About the ‘Talent Acquisition Programme’

We believe “Awareness is the Key to Everything” and hence we strive to create Legal Awareness among the maximum number of people. With this line of thought we have started creating, publishing and promoting the content which generates legal awareness and in this endeavor we seek to engage more ignited minds with us.

About the Campus Executives (CE) Program

Unlike the conventional role of Campus Ambassadors, Libertatem Magazine has something different to offer. Libertatem Campus Executive Programme is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Libertatem Media Group and their institution. It is a chance to develop professional, marketing, communication and leadership skills, along with a prospect of standing away from the crowd.

This position will be basically to build relationships with students, faculty and professionals, and communicating our proposal(s) to your institution. The Campus Executive program is a paid program where CEs will be allotted several tasks which they would need to complete and submit to the Libertatem Management. Detailed work profile is mentioned below.

Work Profile of Campus Executives

  1. Subscription Generation – CEs will be provided with an Excel Sheet in which they would need to fill out the details of college students such as First Name, Last Name, Email ID. CEs will be paid a certain amount per subscription from the list of contacts they provide. Payout will be based only on the confirmed subscription. They are free to choose different methods for subscription generation after consulting the management.


We will provide you with an Excel Sheet where you would need to fill in the Names and Email IDs of your college students (You may divide this work into batch by batch or section by section and submit us one section/batch details at a time) Suppose your college has 500 students and you provide us with the details of 400 students. We will then send a subscription invitation to the contacts you have submitted wherein the contacts would need to confirm that they agree to subscribe by clicking on a link in their email. Once they confirm the subscription, the same is considered as one valid subscription generated by the CE. Payout will be made based on total subscription. Suppose, you have submitted contact details of 400 students and after sending the invitation only 200 contacts agree to subscribe and confirm the subscription. In that case, the payout will be made for 200 contacts.

  1. Notice Board Promotion – We will also be providing you with a few posters every month which would be sent to you via Postal Service. You would be required to get those posters affixed on the College Notice Board and send us a picture of the same for confirmation.
  2. Email Promotion – CEs will also be required to promote our events/ notifications among their college students.
  3. Social Media Promotion – Promoting Libertatem Group’s Events and Notifications in your Institution and various Social Media Platforms.
  4. Liasoning for events – We intend to boost our partnership with Educational Institutions. We expect you to serve as a strategic link between your college and Libertatem Group. We would like to get started by partnering with Colleges to promote their events as Media Partners/ Magazine Partner/ Publication Partner. CEs will be required to facilitate discussions between the college authorities/ Event Managers and Libertatem Magazine regarding possible partnerships opportunities for each upcoming event at their college.
  5. Campus Reporting – We expect CEs to report to us about any new happenings in their college from time to time.
  6. Interviewing – Conduct interviews of Dean, Director, Law Faculty, eminent Legal Luminaries visiting your college/university, the guests arriving at your campus, etc. for the purpose of publication on our website.

Work profile of Content Development Team

  • Creating content on the topics of national importance (strictly according to our magazine’s guidelines).
  • Content Developers will be divided into 2 groups, one for creating content on a monthly basis covering the entire development on a particular story (in around 1200 words +) and the other group for developing/publishing stories as and when they break out which would be comparatively smaller in length (around 500 words).
  • Working closely with the editorial and the publishing team for editing & publishing stories.
  • Research and analyze the truth behind a story and provide sufficient pieces of evidence for the same (which shall be kept in the magazine’s archives).
  • Should be flexible with changing work structure.
  • A Sample of the work can be found here.

Work profile of The Courtroom Team

  • Members of this team would be responsible for creating short case briefs/ case report highlighting the cases which are of national importance. The word limit for the same would be300 to 400 words per case.
  • The members of this team will be working on around 6-8 cases a month (with 300-400 words per case). The cases will be allotted on weekly basis (generally on weekends) or on urgent basis as and when needed (such as in Nirbhaya’s case) which needs to be published immediately.
  • Members may be allotted cases based on their area of interest or courts (such as NGT or, Bombay HC or SC etc.) or on a need basis.
  • Should be flexible with changing work structure.
  • A sample of the work can be found here.

Work profile of Editing Team

  • The editing team is responsible for editing and proofing the contents developed by the Content Developers & the Courtroom team.
  • The editing team needs to edit all contents based on the customized guidelines for each category which helps the magazine articles to be featured on the news portals and search results.
  • Should be flexible with changing work structure.

Work profile of Marketing Team

Social Media Managers

  • Marketing team members would be divided into different small teams based on different social media platforms and would be allotted promotion activity for contents of the Magazine as and when they appear.
  • They would be responsible for operating and maintaining social media profiles of the Magazine on respective social media.

Outreach Programme Executives

  • Outreach Programme executives would be required to work closely with different law colleges and universities and bring in collaborations/ partnerships to the Magazine.
  • Training for the work will be provided by us.

Sponsorship & Advertisement Executives

  • Work Profile will include contacting advertisers and sponsors in order to bring in Advertisement for the magazine. All materials will be provided by us such as brochures.
  • This work would be paid and the executive will be working on a commission basis. The commission may vary from 10% to 15% of the deal amount.

Number of Positions & Work Hours Involved


Number of Positions

Expected Work hours

Content Development


10 hrs/month

The Courtroom


2 hours/week



2-3 hours/week

Social Media Managers


5-7 hours/week

Outreach executives


4-5 hrs/ week

Campus Executives


3 hrs/ week



  • A Certificate will be provided at the end of 12 months tenure
  • Letter of recommendation will be provided for each member (unless they are fired.)
  • Flexible work hours
  • An enriching opportunity of learning and sharpening of research and writing skills and imparting awareness & knowledge among the common man as the motive of the organization is the welfare of the people at large.
  • Opportunity to interact and network with new people from Law School and University around the country and work with some of the best legal minds in India.
  • Work on exciting, meaningful and innovative projects and will learn skills which will complement your academic qualification.
  • Campus Executives position is tenured, part-time and paid (both commission as well as fixed pay)

Who Can Apply

We welcome anyone who is crazy enough to spread his message across the citizens of this country.

  • Anyone who is interested and has the enthusiasm to spread legal awareness among the common people of the nation;
  • Anyone who feels the media should report stories in an unbiased manner and should not go for paid contents;
  • Anyone who wish to be the face of change in the world of media and communications.


This talent acquisition is an invitation to join Libertatem Magazine on a Volunteer Basis. No Remuneration is to be paid for the work, however, certificates will be provided upon successful tenure.

However, Campus Executives position is tenured, part-time and paid (both commission as well as fixed pay)

Selection Procedure

The Selection Procedure is as follows:

  1. Application for the position, the link to which has been mentioned at the end.
  2. The application will be then forwarded to the Selection Board of the Libertatem Magazine which scrutinizes the applications and forwards the same to the respective team’s Vice President.
  3. The VP of the respective team shall create a WhatsApp Group for better communication and allot articles (for content developers), cases (for courtroom team) and articles to edit (for editors) with a deadline. For Marketing Team & Campus Executives, telephonic interview shall be conducted.
  4. The applicants are required to submit their work before the deadline after which the work will be evaluated by the Selection Board.
  5. Upon the completion of the review, email confirmations will be sent to all the approved applicants.

Note: The Magazine (or for that matter any media organization) works in a fast track manner. No one will get 3-4 days of time to write one short piece of article or edit it. Hence, you will be required to be prompt and fast with respect to your work to get selected.