Gujarat High Court concluded Zakia’s Hearing

On a February 28, 2002, after the Godhra train carnage, about 68 people who included Ehsan Jafri were killed in a mob attack at...
SC mandates linking Aadhaar Card with PAN Card

SC mandates linking Aadhaar Card with PAN Card

Case Title - Binoy Biswam v. Union of India and Ors. (W.P No- 247 of 2017) The Supreme Court on Friday upheld the newly inserted provision in the...

Abortion: Not anymore hard or fast

Facts A rape victim of 16 years had become pregnant. She had approached the Gujarat High Court at the 24th week of pregnancy to allow...
Dowry Death

On Dowry Death and the Violent Days that Precedes it

Facts A woman had committed suicide in her matrimonial home within seven years of marriage which might be considered as a Dowry Death however, there...
arnab goswami

The Case of Stolen Audio Tapes and an Arnab Goswami

Facts Times Now have filed a complaint against the Arnab Goswami for misusing the intellectual property of Ties Now. Arnab Goswami’s  Republic TV had broadcasted...
Justice Karnan

SC finds Justice Karnan guilty of Contempt

Has the Supreme Court got so worked over a judge? Well, that’s happening for the first time in India. The judge of Calcutta High...
Kulbhushan Jadhav

ICJ on the Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Case

Facts Mr. Kulbhushan Jadhav was arrested by Pakistan and been in Pakistan’s custody since 3rd March, 2016. India had requested consular access many a times...
Law Commission

Law Commission propose amendments to provisions relating to bail

The Law Commission has suggested the need for a complete overhaul in the manner bails are granted by the court. In its report submitted to...

Delhi HC brings back the Moderation in CBSE Board

Facts The CBSE Board through a board meeting conducted on 24th April, 2017 decided to scrap the policy of moderation adopted for the evaluation of...

HC penalizes student for wrongly taking reservation benefit

Facts In this case, the court was posed with a question to strike down the reservation benefits offered to the petitioner, an OBC student, from...

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A Journey of Indian Muslim from 1947 to 2017

My father, Munshi Abdul Mabood, was a government employee in the department of posts in Bihar. He was a Muslim. In 1947, he did not migrate...
Guidelines issued for implementation of Prohibition of Sex Selection laws

Guaranteeing Right to privacy as a Fundamental Right

Right to Privacy: Discerning the Elusive In the past few weeks, there has been a furor over the legal quandary of recognition of Privacy as...

Whatsapp Data and Article 21 :- A Story of Betrayal?

Article 21 is in jeopardy. There is a right to privacy which is being violently contended before the Supreme Court by eminent lawyers. Aadhaar...