Triple Talaq

Instant Triple Talaq and Criminalization of it: Stifling the Rights of Individuals

What instant Triple talaq is to ‘Muslim wives’, criminalization of it is to ‘Muslim husbands’. The former has been sacredly practiced in the name of...

Padmavati Controversy- Politics behind Interpreting India’s History

The freedom of expression is one of the most cherished rights in a modern democratic state. India has been one of the first nation...

Catalonian Referendum: SíIndependència

An Exordium The ‘numeronym 1-O’ also known as the referendum of “1st October” held in Catalonia as stirred an unprecedented political uncertainty in Spain and...

Deportation of Rohingya Muslims

Prologue During World War II/those were the days of Second World War, when the Imperial Japanese Army invaded Burma, at that time the British forces...
Triple Talaq

The ‘Triple Talaq’ Verdict – Analysing the Judgement and its Impact

The Supreme Court of India on 22nd August 2017 delivered a historic decision in the constitutional bench decision on the validity of ‘Talaq-e-Biddat’ or...

A Journey of Indian Muslim from 1947 to 2017

My father, Munshi Abdul Mabood, was a government employee in the department of posts in Bihar. He was a Muslim. In 1947, he did not migrate...
Guidelines issued for implementation of Prohibition of Sex Selection laws

Guaranteeing Right to privacy as a Fundamental Right

Right to Privacy: Discerning the Elusive In the past few weeks, there has been a furor over the legal quandary of recognition of Privacy as...

Qatar Crisis and Sanctions: A nugatory attempt to clamp the fall-out

Prologue On June 5, 2017, the Middle-East plunged into the worst diplomatic crisis the Gulf has witnessed in decades. Bahrain was the first among the...

Real Estate Regulation Act – New regime of the Consumer-Centric Law

Indian history may remark 2016 as one of the most significant years which brought in different norms and policies throughout the country for better...

Kulbhushan Jadhav Case: The Unexplored Side

May 2017 has been the most celebrated month out of the initial months of the year by the Indian populace. The reason for the...

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Iron Ore Mining

Supreme Court Cancels All Iron Ore Mining Lease in Goa

Facts The Supreme Court on 8th of Feb, canceled 88 iron ore mining leases in Goa, dealing a blow to miners including Vedanta Ltd. The...
Cauvery Water Dispute

Supreme Court decides the Cauvery Water Dispute

Facts Putting to rest a 126-year-old emotive dispute over the sharing of Cauvery water, the Supreme Court increased Karnataka's entitlement on Friday by 14.75 tmcft to 284.75 tmcft and...
Guidelines issued for implementation of Prohibition of Sex Selection laws

Summon Without Specific Day, Date, Year And Time Cannot Be Considered As Validly Served

Case Name: Auto Cars v. Trimurti Cargo Movers Private Limited Citation: Civil Appeal No. 2113 of 2018 Decided on 16.02.2018 Supreme Court rules that service of summoning...