Shashwat Tiwari

I am a second year law student from Nirma University born and brought up in Bhopal (M.P.). An experimentalist who believes in realism and empiricism, I try to explore new fields especially in disciplines like philosophy, literature and arts and there influence in human life. My reading preferences are intrinsically non-fiction. In my “other life” I like painting and sketching. I am always open to discussion on diverse topics like history, ethics, education and political science. After completing my course, I would do my masters in journalism, researching and writing of different issues that intrigue me.

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Whenever a person thinks of gun violence, he/she might think of large-scale mass shootings, but out of the approximate 33,000-gun violence deaths that take...

Catalonian Referendum: SíIndependència

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Escalating tensions between India and Pakistan

Escalating tensions between India and Pakistan

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