About Us

Libertatem [Liber-ta-tem] is a latin word for Freedom. We have named this magazine as Libertatem Magazine as the main concept of the Magazine is “Freedom of Speech & Expression”. We respect everyone’s right to speak. In today’s world, we think, if you do not know your rights, you can be exploited by anyone. We, at Libertatem, strive towards creating awareness among the people and let them know what their rights are. Also, we do aspire to keep people informed by the latest happenings in the Courtroom which they would otherwise be unaware of.

Libertatem Magazine serves as a legal awareness resource for all, ranging from Students to Academicians to Practicing Advocates. Libertatem Magazine helps in the formulation of opinions and prepares individuals for a journey through our in-depth scrutinized content on almost all the topics including political, legal, social and a plethora of other matters of national & international significance. 

Our Unique Selling Proposition

We do not sell “what we think is right” or “what we think is wrong”. We believe that we are no one to decide what is right or wrong for you. With the same thought, we facilitate in creating legal awareness through various sections of our magazine so that “People” can themself make an informed decision. We, at Libertatem, leave it to the people of this country and the world to interpret the information themselves. Hence, our USP is let the people decide

100% Subscription + Newsstand

Distributed through world’s leading and recognized business associations, organizations, subscriptions and newsstands, Libertatem Magazine serves as the valiant voice for social leaders and responsible citizens, who see inherent value within our community. Sections that include Articles, Judgements, Parley with the Pirates [Interview], News etc. entice readers to devour information, thereby empowering them to build a strong opinion within themselves and beyond.

12 Times Per Year/High-Quality Magazine

Each issue is introduced by our Guest Editor, who is asked to join our editorial staff for the particular issue and present the contents for that month. Leaders within their fields and several distinguished luminaries make up this elite group of Libertatem Internal Staff who are at the helm of each issue.

Online & Social Media Add Value

Libertatem Magazine is available to the masses online at libertatemmagazine.com and on Social Media, pursuant to which, it enhances the content for every issue of the magazine and enables our advertisers to spread their wings in the public domain. Every significant information from our magazine is made available to the reader fraternity via social media including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to name a few, who can then follow up and frequent our website. Users are able to get connected with sector-specific articles, academic and cultural events and with the latest judgements.

From archived articles to news of the day, libertatemmagazine.com has become the hub for students, academicians and for all those concerned with the intricate fields of law, not only in India but across the globe as well, thereby widening the horizon of knowledge and legal awareness for one and all.