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Respecting the National Song is not a fundamental duty

Respecting the National Song is not a fundamental duty under Article 51-A of the Constitution Case : Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay v. Union of India, 2017 SCC Online...


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Procedure of Registration for Small Scale Industries/ Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME)

Introduction : Definitions of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises is defined in accordance with the provision of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act,...

Ratan Tata v. Cyrus Mistry: The Boardroom Battle inside India’s Biggest Conglomerate

Tata Son’s blue eyed son Cyrus Mistry was sacked from the post of chairman almost after 4 years of occupying the post. The decision,...

TATA’s Corporate Feud gets Murkier

The Battle for the control of the TATA Group of Companies just got murkier with the tussle between the stalwart Ratan Tata and evicted...
Reliance Jio v. Others - The 4G Battle

Reliance Jio v. Others – The 4G Battle

One small move may, in certain cases be a cause of revolution. Same can be considered for the introduction of Reliance Jio (hereinafter referred...
Uniform Civil Code

Uniform Civil Code, Gender-Justice and Personal Laws: Putting Things into Perspective

Article 44 of the Indian Constitution is couched in such phraseology that it is replete with controversy when analyzed in the light of the...
TATA sons

TATA’s Boardroom Battle enters the Court Room

The scramble for the leadership at the TATA Sons which began with the ouster of Cyrus Mistry from the Chairmanship of TATA Industries on...

Snapchat Fiasco: When Patriotism Sees No Reason

India is responsible for a roundabout 200m Facebook users and a fair about 4m Snapchat users which can by no means be construed to...

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